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5.5: Labels - Common Options
This lets you switch between the label and control properties. Note that the toggle button is not present for controls that do not need labels such as hidden fields. When you have selected or switched to a label, you should see the familiar Common Options and More Options on the Properties tab. Within Common Options you can indicate whether a label is required. You can insert your label in the Label Text field. If the dynamic option is selected, you need to enter bindings that locate the dynamic label text. WebMaker provides a language translation approach for labels, that negates the need for individual label bindings to dynamic data during design. Please see the Multi lingual Applications section for more details. (Requires server controllers). Screen-shot of Field Label options The label alignment is determined by the settings on the container group, if one exists. You can use the Override container default option to override the default position set by the container. Please see the earlier section on Layout and Control Properties within the Getting Started section for some additional information on labels.
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