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6: Multi lingual Applications
WebMaker enables translations, post development. This can be achieved by setting up translation files, which map information on the various pages to their translations in the required language and locale. WebMaker attempts to locate translation files for locales first and, if not present, will then attempt to access general translation files for the language (e.g. if the en-GB) translation file is not available, then WebMaker will seek to process file en). If the translation file is not present then the originally developed content for the page will be displayed. The first step is to create a web application based on one of the languages you need to support, ideally the most commonly used language. Then add language/locale specific XML translation files for each language, to apply new labels, group names, tool-tips and drop-down list options for the additional languages. For full details on how to set this up, please refer to the Forum entry - How do I set-up Multi-Lingual Forms for Languages and Locales? .
Managing Multi-Project Applications