What's New
What's New
New Theme Designer
Our focus for this release has been the gorgeous new Theme Designer. The new Designer builds on WebMaker's support for SASS and provides an intuitive environment that enables you to create and manage amazing modern themes and colour schemes. You can switch themes at the click of a button and still have access to the complete underlying SASS files whenever you feel more adventurous.
Usability Improvements
Application Map Repositioning - We continue to incorporate usability improvements within our entensive list of productivity features. To preserve context of the overall application flow, we have repositioned the application map diagram within the page design tab. You can now see the complete application map, together with the list of page thumbnails and the complete page design view of the selected page, all in one place. New images for application map components - We have introduced new icons, making it easier to distinguish between full pages, partial pages, xml controllers and Java controllers. Page Display and Action Submission Bindings Split - We have separated the Bindings tab into two separate tabs, one for incoming messages to the page from server controllers and one for outgoing messages from the page to server controllers. Improvements to SASS Layout - We have streamlined and enhanced the SASS variables within the SASS theme files, making it easier to change and monitor the effects of changes to these variables.
New Publication feature for exporting Web App Resources
A separate publication feature now enables you to export only the client-side artefacts for your web apps, which you can host on the server technology of your choice. This enables you to publish WebMaker client apps without the need for a server footprint.
Clearer separation and improved support for Java Controllers
We have made it easier to integrate your front-end applications with your existing server environments, without the need for the full WebMaker Platform. Whether this is a technical or commercial decision for your organisation, you can now utilise our enhanced Adapter features to bind your front-end to the server technology of your choice using the Java Server Adaptor that is part of the Enterprise Edition and includes data mapping features, including XML and JSON.