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5.8.2: More Group Visibility Options
The Visibility Details section provides a number of options for controlling the visibility of groups and their content. The available options are similar to those mentioned under field visibility. If a group is hidden, then all its contained controls are also hidden. Screen-shot of Group Visibility Options
The available options are:
Remove group based on server data - This option enables the removal of the HTML markup for groups before they are sent to the browser. For this option, data bindings need to be specified, defining the conditions upon which the group markup should be removed. This check happens on the server (Requires server controllers). Submit data if group not visible? - If this option is ticked (the default), then the data will be submitted, even if the group is hidden. If unticked, the data will be removed prior to submission, including the XML markup within the submission document that is used to send data to the server (Requires server controllers).
Please see the How To Guides on the FAQ for examples.
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