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1.2.22: Transform
Transform performs an XSL transformation on the contents of the FactBase using a specified XSL. This action requires three parameters. The first parameter specifies the XSL file to use for the transformation. This file can be specified directly by using the file name (stylesheet), or the filename can be obtained from the FactBase by using an XPath (XPath to stylesheet). If it is specified directly, the Choose File option can be used to select the required XSL file. The second parameter (from location) selects the XML node within the FactBase that should be transformed, and the third parameter specifies the point at which to insert the result of the transformation (to location). The results of the transform can also be saved directly to a file by changing the third parameter to document and entering the filename, or to XPath to document and entering the location from which to obtain the filename. The Transform action also supports the Merge Option setting to determine how the information will be handled if they are being inserted into the FactBase. Screen-shot of an example transform action
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