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4.2: Run Service Tester
WebMaker contains a remote Service Tester. This can be accessed from the Test Menu, allowing you to create XML requests to be sent to external web services and view responses. By default, the Service Tester points to a dummy Hello World Web Service included as part of the WebMaker distribution. Provided your runtime server is running on the default runtime port 7080, simply click on the Call Service link. The XML response area should show a successful Hello World! message. The Debugger also contains a Test External Call... link, which can load instances of web service request messages into the Request (Payload) area of the Run Service Tester. You can use this feature to perform ad-hoc request/response monitoring and debugging of remote service invocations. Screen-shot of the Service Tester Some Web Services don't require a SOAP action, but may accept proprietary XML data structures. Also, some Web Services may not require any incoming XML at all. You can use the Service Tester to test these different permutations.
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