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1.2.15: Record Cache
This is one of three, related, actions used to provide caching capabilities for runtime applications. The Record Cache action stores a fragment of XML from the FactBase into the cache. Three parameters are required. The first is the location of the data in the FactBase (from location), the second is a string value specifying the id that will be used to cache the data (cache id), and the third indicates the scope within which the data should be stored. The scope parameter has three levels. Using 'Request' scope means the data will only be available to the current request, and will be removed once it has finished processing. 'Session' scope indicates the data will be linked to the current user's session only, and 'Application' indicates that the cached data will be available to all users of the application. Both the cache id and scope values can be determined dynamically using XPaths if required. Screen-shot of an example record cache action
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