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1.2.26: JSON to XML Conversion
The JSON to XML Conversion action is used to convert JSON formatted strings into equivalent XML data. This is often required during communication with REST based web services, where you may need to convert a JSON response to be able to easily bind the data to the controls on your page. The JSON string to convert parameter indicates the location in teh FactBase of the JSON string that should be processed. The Location for converted XML parameter indicates where the newly generated XML structure should be placed. The Merge Option setting controls how this is handled. The Ignore Namespaces setting controls how any namespace information in the JSON string is processed. By default, any @xmlns type properties in the JSON (eg as output by XML to JSON Conversion) will be used to control the namespaces of the resulting XML elements. If this setting is ticked, then this information will be ignored, and none of the resulting XML elements will be in a namespaace. Screen-shot of an example JSON to XML Conversion action
XML to JSON Conversion RuleBase Settings