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5.9: Repeats - More Options
Repeat Styling
This section controls the styling for the Repeat. There is very little visible style information for repeats.
Element Sorting
This section controls if and how elements within repeats will be sorted at runtime. Ticking the Sort containing elements? checkbox indicates that the elements should be sorted and will require some binding information to specify which column to use for sorting. The Sort Order option indicates whether the data should be sorted in ascending or descending order, or alternatively can be set to dynamic to enable this option to be determined based on runtime data. In a similar way, the Sort Data-type control can be set to indicate text, number or dynamic. This option sets the type of data to sort and is required because, for example, 10 is before 2 if the Sort Data-type is set to text, but not if it is set to number. Sorted Heading Styling options override the style information specified against the label of the element that is being sorted. This provides a mechanism to highlight the element that is being sorted.
Row and Column Styling
Both of these sections operate in the same way, with one controlling row styling and the other column styling. The aim of these options is to create alternate styling of rows and columns in a table of data by switching between two different sets of styles. The Alternate row/column styling select box turns this feature on or off, or sets it to dynamic, in which case some runtime data determines whether it should be applied or not. The Change Interval specifies how often the styles should alternate. A value of 1 indicates that the styles will alternate after every row (or column). A value of 2 will create 2 rows (or columns) with the first style, then 2 with the second, etc.
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