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5.4.3: More Visibility Options
Screen-shot of Visibility Details Dynamically hiding and showing parts of pages The Generate Field checkbox is used to indicate whether the current field should be included in the generated HTML output. If this box is not ticked, the current field will not be included in the resulting page.   The Remove field based on server data? option provides a method for conditionally removing fields before they are served to the browser. Bindings information will define the conditions that determine when fields should be removed. Unlike the conditional hiding of fields, these checks occur on the server (Requires Server Controllers), and if they evaluate to true, all details for the fields will be removed from the HTML before being served to the Browser for rendering.   The Disable method radio buttons are enabled if the Conditionally disable this field option is selected in Common Options, or if this field is within a group with the disable option turned on, and the option applies to the current control. You can choose how to disable the field, either by setting the disabled option, or by setting it to read-only. These options are defaulted to the most suitable options for the type of control. There are differences in how browsers handle these two options and the defaults should be appropriate for most applications.
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