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7.2: Group Bindings
Each Group may require several bindings depending on the selected options:
Page Display Bindings
Remove If - This XPath is used as the check to determine whether to show a group or not. If the XPath evaluates to true at runtime, the contents of the group will be removed from the HTML page. This XPath is required if the Remove group based on server data option has been selected in the Properties tab. Disable If - This XPath is required if the Disable group based on Server data option is selected on the Properties tab. If this XPath evaluates to true, then all fields within this group will be disabled. Label Value - This XPath is required if a dynamic label has been requested for this group. The text value of this XPath at runtime will be used for the group label. Dynamic Events - As for fields, if a group contains event definitions that use the 'Based on server data' setting, then a binding XPath will be required for each setting. The resulting value after evaluating each XPath will be used in the event processing where required when the relevant event is triggered. Dynamic Group Style XPaths - The XPaths in this section are used for setting the dynamic styling of groups if conditional styles have been selected on the Properties tab. The first field, Apply '...' Group Style if, will be used for entering a condition to be fulfilled in order to apply the specified conditional style. If the XPath here evaluates to true, the entered class on the Properties tab will be used for this element. If dynamic was selected, another XPath will appear: Dynamic Group Style Value. The value of this XPath will be converted to a string at runtime, which will be used as the CSS class name to apply to the field's background container (if the condition XPath is true). Dynamic Label Style XPaths - These XPaths work in a similar manner to that of the XPath values above, except they define the dynamic styling information for group labels.
Field Bindings Repeat Bindings