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Free Lite Edition Free 30 Day WebMaker Trial

Whether you are creating single page applications or complete enterprise systems, WebMaker can help you create beautiful and well engineered web applications very quickly. You can use WebMaker as an enterprise application builder or a single web page maker. It has the ability to flex and scale.

Use WebMaker's reusable templates, responsive grids, extensible range of data bound controls and the theme designer to create enterprise-strength web applications quickly. Whether you are simply laying out designs and colours, prototyping or building and integrating complete enterprise applications, WebMaker has the ability to scale.

WebMaker takes care of the heavy lifting and enables you to focus on your business application. Whether you are a designer, developer, business analyst or architect, WebMaker provides a cohesive and intuitive environment that can be used to deliver your projects in record time.

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New Learn how to integrate your web front-end with a Java server stack using JSON and XML

You will love the huge number of productivity features available in WebMaker. WebMaker is designed to assist you by automating all the mundane tasks associated with web application development and enables you to focus on all the lovely stuff you enjoy.

  • Use WebMaker’s graphical design studio to create complete web applications by simply dragging and dropping page elements.
  • You do not have to be an expert designer or programmer. WebMaker provides the tools to enable you to confidently design and build amazing web applications.
  • Use WebMaker’s cool Theme Designer to create beautiful designs for your applications in minutes.
  • You can also use the Responsive Grid Layout Designer to create the structure of your pages very quickly.
  • Use the graphical Application Map to setup page orchestration and server orchestration diagrams. WebMaker is not just a page designer, it is a complete enterprise-scale development platform, should you need that power.
  • You can leverage your existing server systems and databases by using WebMaker’s Java Gateway to integrate with your server stack of choice.
  • You can bind data using XML and XPath or map to remote services using JSON notation. If you are undertaking significant amounts of server-side development, you can use WebMaker's powerful and highly scalable Rules Engine to achieve the same Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach to access Relational Databases (RDBMS) as well as access to other enterprise systems using SOAP and REST invocations, providing a complete end-to-end web application stack.
  • You can use WebMaker’s extensive range of productivity features, including automatic data-bindings, error handling, data validation and a whole host of additional power features to enable you to design, prototype and build your applications with ease, speed and confidence.
  • If you are an expert and like to get under the hood, then you will be reassured that WebMaker front-ends are thin-client, consisting of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

WebMaker provides a range of features to enable you to rapidly layout and design your applications. WebMaker has an integrated design and development environment that enables you to seamlessly progress from design and prototyping to development, so there is no need to duplicate effort.

  • Use WebMaker's powerful responsive Grid Designer to organise and structure your user interfaces with ease.
  • Use the extensive range of built in containers and controls to layout your screens.
  • You can use the customisable control palette to build your own reusable set of page components, simply drag and drop data structures, including WSDL files and RDBMS table definitions, to create the structure and layout of your User Interfaces.
  • You can also utilise WebMaker's beautiful new cascading SASS-based graphical Theme Designer.
  • You can clone and manage your own range of themes, incorporating colours, fonts and images, to rapidly change the way your whole application looks and feels, providing a cohesive and well engineered front-end design every time.
  • Design beautiful themes by simply moving your mouse over your colour palettes. You can start with just two colours and WebMaker will intelligently map complimentary colour shades to all relevant design elements on your page, including button colours, text colours, hover colours, etc...
  • Integrate your own font collections and images.
  • Build up your own libraries for themes, controls and templates for reuse.
  • If you want to get under the hood then WebMaker clients are HMTL, CSS and Javascript, which you can fine-tune as required. The Theme Designer uses SASS and CSS and you can make changes to suit your exact requirements.

Whether you use one of WebMaker’s templates as the starting point or start from scratch, WebMaker enables you to simply drag and drop page elements to create amazing landing pages with ease.

  • Use WebMaker’s graphical drag-and-drop studio to create beautiful landing pages in minutes.
  • Use the Theme Designer to mix colours and create your theme by simply dragging sliders for colours, transparencies, fonts, icons, etc.
  • Use WebMaker’s graphical CSS3 Responsive Grid Layout Designer to layout your pages exactly as you need, across a wide range of client devices, from small mobiles to very large screens.
  • Create and clone your own collection of themes for reuse.
  • Introduce native CSS3 animations to make your pages ‘pop’.
  • If you want to extend your landing pages, you can use WebMaker’s event mapping on the client-side and the logic engine on the server-side to create complete applications if you need to test your creations in real context.
  • If you want to get under the hood then WebMaker clients are HMTL, CSS and Javascript, which you can fine-tune as required.

You can use WebMaker for rapid prototyping to visually capture core business logic, application flow, page design and layout. You can also graphically capture the page navigation, including conditional rules for showing and hiding pages and sections. WebMaker provides a whole range of features to enable you to bridge the gap between user requirements and the ability to rapidly translate these requirements for designers and developers.

  • Use WebMaker’s Responsive Grid Layout Designer and general layout containers to graphically layout your page designs.
  • You can use WebMaker’s graphical Theme Designer to create beautiful data capture pages to set context for your users.
  • Use the extensive range of built in containers and controls to layout your data capture screens.
  • Gain automatic creation of responsive layouts and label positioning for your designs.
  • Benefit from WebMaker’s powerful data binding capabilities to populate your data controls with real data or mock data.
  • Create client-side validation rules and benefit from WebMaker’s automatic data validation, error display and a range of other features to help you create your data capture forms quickly and easily.
  • Use conditional logic on the client-side and server-side to rapidly build context-sensitive pages and sections and manage page orchestration using WebMaker’s orchestration diagrams.
  • Includes a wide range of data capture controls, including complex dates, data masking, regular expression validations and much much more...
  • Easily translate your designs to real applications because your designs can be used by designers and developers without having to recreate anything from scratch.
Page Design

Drag-and-Drop Design Studio

WebMaker has a range of features, designed to make you more productive and help you design and publish complete web applications quickly and easily.

You can use WebMaker’s powerful responsive Grid Designer to create complex and responsive layouts. Use Page Skins to capture the common elements of your applications and utilise WebMaker’s gorgeous SASS-based, Theme Designer to consistently style your applications like a pro.

WebMaker also provides data-driven app design features. Simply drag and drop elements from SQL Tables, XML Schemas and WSDL files to create your pages in record time.

Application Templates

Responsive and Reusable Design Elements

WebMaker provides reusable application elements throughout to accelerate your design and development. You can create and reuse complete application templates, create your own reusable library of design controls, themes, page skins and much much more…

Events Management

Powerful Data Validation, Data Bindings, Error Handling and Events Management

Define control-specific data validation rules, with consistent error reporting and error display styling. Define simple and complex events and let WebMaker manage the references to your data within your event logic, reduce the need for refactoring and enjoy spending that time focusing on your application logic instead.

Team Server

Team Server

The optional Team Server enables projects to be shared across different servers and team members and integrates with the in-built version control system to enable better management and team productivity.

Application Orchestration

Application Orchestration Diagrams, Message Flows, Tracing and Debugging

Use navigation maps to connect your pages, server controllers and actions, providing a graphical visualisation of your complete application flow.

WebMaker also contains a comprehensive and customisable Dashboard, which you can use to track your message flows, logic transitions, controller and page interactions, as well as interactions with databases and remote services, providing a complete picture of your running application during design and execution.

Rules Designer

Systems Integration and Server Logic Engine

You can write your own Java controllers to integrate with your existing server-side development strategy. You can also use WebMaker’s Rules Engine to easily develop and integrate with your databases, SOAP services and REST endpoints.

Custom Exits

Flexibility, with the power in your hands

If you need to take the gloves off and get under the hood, you will be reassured to know that WebMaker applications are thin-client and consist of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, with a range of exits to enable you to fine-tune and customise your applications at a detailed level.

WebMaker Studio
WebMaker Studio WebMaker Studio
(Lite Edition) (Pro Edition) All you need to get started
Online Studio that produces HTML5/CSS3 web pages, which can be hosted on any web server of your choice. Single User Web Design Studio that can be used online or installed on Windows and macOS... produces HTML5/CSS3 web applications. Includes test versions of WebMaker Server Addons
Free 30 Day Trial
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Perpetual copy provides ongoing access to downloaded Studio. Also provides access to online Studio and future upgrades with active maintenance plan. First 12 months included.
1 Project Unlimited Projects
Forum only support Dedicated support
WYSIWYG Page Designer WYSIWYG Page Designer
Responsive Layout Designer Responsive Layout Designer
Theme Designer Theme Designer
HTML5 and CSS3 Thin Clients HTML5 and CSS3 Thin Clients
Automatic Data Validation Automatic Data Validation
Extensible range of built-in Controls Extensible range of built-in Controls
Simplified Events Management Simplified Events Management
Page Skins Page Skins
Application Templates Application Templates
Team Server for easier project sharing
Page designs from SQL and SOAP WSDL
Automatic Data Bindings
Application Orchestration Diagrams
Rules Designer
Server Logic Design for Data Sources
Message Flow, Tracing and Debugging
Publish Pages as standard HTML, Javascript and CSS Publish Pages as standard HTML, Javascript and CSS
Publish to WebMaker Java Servers
Publish to WebMaker XML Rules Servers
Optional Server Addons
WebMaker Java Gateway WebMaker Rules Server WebMaker Rules Server
(SME Edition) (Enterprise Edition)
WebMaker Adapter technology to integrate with the Java server environment of your choice. Utilise WebMaker's comprehensive native XML rules engine. Utilise WebMaker's comprehensive native XML rules engine.
(paid monthly)
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Active subscription provides access to all future upgrades.
Perpetual version includes access to future upgrades with active maintenance plan. First 12 months included.
Active subscription provides access to all future upgrades.
Perpetual version includes access to future upgrades with active maintenance plan. First 12 months included.
1 CPU price per CPU
1 Application Unlimited Applications
Supports Java Server Controllers Supports Java Server Controllers Supports Java Server Controllers
Use your own Java stack on the server side and integrate with WebMaker front ends Use your own Java stack on the server side and integrate with WebMaker front ends Use your own Java stack on the server side and integrate with WebMaker front ends
Use JSON notation for data bindings Use JSON notation for data bindings Use JSON notation for data bindings
Use XML notation for data bindings Use XML notation for data bindings Use XML notation for data bindings
Supports multi lingual applications Supports multi lingual applications Supports multi lingual applications
Supports XML Server Controllers Supports XML Server Controllers
Communicate with SOAP and REST web services Communicate with SOAP and REST web services
Integrate with relational databases Integrate with relational databases
Declarative rules engine Declarative rules engine
Highly scalable and optimised enterprise platform Highly scalable and optimised enterprise platform
Integrated logging and application management Integrated logging and application management
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Additional Design Elements

WebMaker ships with a wide range of design controls and containers. This range can be extended using the import mechanism within WebMaker. You can download templates and import them using the 'New Project', 'User Controls' and 'Your Themes' sections of the WebMaker Studio, enabling you to easily identify and extend your range of design elements.
Responsive Content Viewer
Clickable contents Sidebar...
Screenshot showing an example of the Responsive Content Viewer
Interactive Maps.
Screenshot of the maps template
Range of chart examples.
Screenshot showing some example charts
Image Carousel
Horizontal Image Carousel.
Screenshot showing an image carousel example

Why Hyfinity?

We understand the complexities of web application development. For almost two decades, we have been trusted by organisations ranging from small startups to fortune 50 enterprises, operating mission-critical applications across the globe.

100,000+ users worldwide have put their trust in our technology, across sectors ranging from Government, Defense, Utilities, Finance, Healthcare and many more. Whether you are simply designing new themes, single landing pages or building complete enterprise applications, our technology is there to assist you. Our technology can help you achieve dramatic reductions in costs and timescales, and improve your productivity.

Some of the organisations that have put their trust in our technology
  • Large US Health and Well-Being organisation
  • Nissan Motor Manufacturing
  • HPI - Leading provider of Vehicle and Financial Information
  • ABI - MIAFTR2 Anti-Fraud System
  • Wildnet - Insurance and Reinsurance Technology Solutions
  • BizFlow - Business Process Management
  • Lagan - Customer Relationship Management
  • Pitney Bowes Business Insight - Application Modernisation
  • Accenture National Security Services LLC - Application Modernisation
  • Redman Solutions Pty Ltd - Application Modernisation
  • Global Business and Financial Management Software Company
  • International Relief Development Organisation
  • International Monetary Fund
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • US Army
  • US Department of Energy
  • US Department of Transport
  • US Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (Modus)
  • US Veterans Affairs
  • Cable Bahamas
  • Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT Group)
  • Western Financial
  • Gristede's Food Inc.
  • Gnomon Inc.
  • Keystone Excavating Ltd
  • SureBooks LLC
  • Touchstone Health
  • BassetLaw
  • Cheshire
  • Hambleton
  • Hertfordshire
  • Northampton
  • North Hertfordshire
  • North Kesteven
  • Nottingham City
  • Poole
  • Southampton
  • West Sussex
  • Wyre
  • York
  • Brent
  • Camden
  • Richmond
  • Windsor and Maidenhead
  • Aberdeen
  • Argyll and Bute
  • Fife
  • Glasgow Housing
  • Highland
  • Inverclyde
  • Moray
  • North Ayrshire
  • Renfrewshire
  • Sanctuary Housing
  • Scottish Borders
  • South Ayrshire
  • Western Isles
  • West Lothian

Enterprise Development

Our focus is to reduce complexity and enable you to create beautiful, customer-focused applications from scratch or by leveraging your enterprise systems.

Empowering Teams

Our mission is to empower analysts, architects, designers and developers to be more productive, more cohesive and to remain focused on the customer experience.


"Hyfinity's solution is at the critical hotspot at the intersection of RIA and SOA, and heralds the future of rich, flexible applications created from compositions of services."

Proud to be different

We use a technology-focused approach to gain rapid results. We have a passion for technology and love engaging with customers who share our passion. Why not get in touch with us and see just how quickly we can help you visualise your web applications.

Hyfinity are very professional and they adopted a Nissan methodology, working as part of the team, rather than as suppliers.
Mike Wylie, Section Manager - Supply Chain Development [Nissan Europe]

We have been very impressed with Hyfinity's ... technology. It has already shown itself to be a hugely productive development environment which produces industrial strength ... applications.
Dave Moody - CTO [Lagan]

The technical superiority and the financial models were compelling for us ... we also discovered that they have a very personal touch to their support. Their support has been excellent - equal to the quality of their technology.
IT Director [Large US Healthcare Organisation]

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