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WebMaker is designed to make your enterprise web development a pleasurable experience. No coding, no compilation, just beautiful and elegant web applications, providing fantastic user experiences. We have gone to extraordinary lengths to simplify the complexity of enterprise development, so you don't have to. Use WebMaker today to build your first application and experience what all the fuss is about for yourself. From its drag-and-drop IDE to its patented runtime architecture, WebMaker will make it difficult for you to return to coding.

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WebMaker is competitively priced for on-premise and cloud usage. We can tailor financial packages to suit every budget, including our Community Edition, which is available for Enterprise use.

Our support services are designed to compliment the quality of our technology, so get in touch and try us out. And of course, you will save a small fortune in the process - typically 63% across your entire web application. Let us show you how we can help you today.

WebMaker is a Rapid Application Development platform for Enterprise Web 2.0 and Service-Oriented Architectures. Unlike other tools, MVC WebMaker has a complete design and deployment environment that can be used to build Enterprise Web 2.0 applications without the reliance on any Java, .NET or 4GL coding.

WebMaker provides the simplicity of RAD environments for delivering Rich Internet Applications requiring SOA-oriented composition based on the Software-as-a-Service model.

WebMaker delivers proven ROI of at least 3 to 5 times typical main-stream web application development approaches, producing consistent and better engineered solutions that are standards-based and easier to maintain.

Please read our 'Code-Free' Web Development Factsheet (pdf)

Enterprise Web 2.0 >>> Fast

WebMaker rapidly delivers XML-centric Web Applications and eForms that present, capture, process and report information from real-time transactional services. MVC WebMaker is ideal for delivering composite web applications that seamlessly integrate with Human Workflow, BPM tools, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) technology and web services.

WebMaker contains two primary elements: Web Page/Form assembly and SOA Component integration capabilities.

MVC WebMaker - RIA and SOA Landscape

WebMaker is underpinned by its powerful and - The Patented Declarative Component Assembly Method.

How will WebMaker Help you?


  • Rapidly construct static and dynamic transactional web applications and eForms - Declaratively define web pages based on latest industry standard or custom schemas. Any XML standard can be used to construct transactional web applications: UBL, Accord, Origo, HL7, Swift, GovTalk, FixML, GIS Gemini, etc. In addition any Rest, XML over Http or SQL based services can be consumed out of the box. The majority of alternative tools and approaches simply can't handle any industry standard schema 'out-of-the-box' as they are not XML-centric.

  • Faster delivery of rich, accessible and dynamic web applications - Make it easier to deliver automated business processes from enterprise applications, partner systems and COTS packages (CRM, CMS, Workflow, Enterprise Portals, EDRMS and so on).

  • Radically reduces time, cost and skills to build - Enable parallel development due to design by contract approach, which reduces elapsed time by 40%. Automated generation of web applications from Schemas and Web Services of up to 80% less effort.

  • Easy to Use - Power User skills for transactional enterprise web applications.

  • Reduced Cost and Risk - Cheaper skills set, reliable auto-generation and structured development approach.

  • Open Standards based - The only 100% XML based standards solution.

  • Open Deployment - WebMaker only requires a J2EE web container such as IBM Websphere, BEA WebLogic, Oracle, Open Source Tomcat and so on. The platform can be run on Windows, Linux, AIX and many other operating systems. The Platform can also access all types of Services and Data Sources such as Soap, Rest, Http/s Services and SQL Databases.

To learn more you can read further SOA Composition Features.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss your specific project requirements.

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Hyfinity is well-positioned as a RIA platform and toolkit that can enable enterprises to take full advantage of the expanding universe of Services available to them.

Read the report (pdf) by Jason Bloomberg [Zapthink]

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Composite applications are about creating new systems by reusing old ones in clever ways. New tools and a better understanding of these processes have made them available to companies without specialist technical skills.

- Massimo Pezzini [Gartner]

For Technical Architects and Developers ...

MVC WebMaker Technical Overview (pdf)