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Nissan Motor Manufacturing

Like all global organisations, Nissan has a highly complex manufacturing and distribution infrastructure.

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The Web Based Vehicle Ordering System, developed by Hyfinity, integrates car dealers directly with existing manufacturing systems. The system reduces excess stock and lead times in the Supply Chain, providing massive cost savings.


Nissan realised the benefits of an integrated supply chain and wanted a system to:

  • Reduce excess stock in the pipeline

  • Improve customer service by:

    • Reducing the lead time between placing an order for a vehicle to its delivery

    • Tracking an order from placement to delivery

  • Provide direct access to manufacturing systems for dealers and distributors, enabling the provision of more accurate information


When Nissan embarked on a project to optimise its supply chain, Hyfinity was chosen for its expertise in complex business process integration solutions. Hyfinity's solution provides the ability for dealers to check stock availability across dealer networks and place vehicle orders directly into the production planning systems. Order Tracking enables dealers to keep customers up to date on the progress of their vehicle.

Key Features and Benefits include:

  • Distributed web services solution can be deployed globally

  • Multi-lingual application, initially deployed in seven languages across Europe

  • Integrated with existing mainframe systems to provide more accurate, real-time information

  • Extensive use of XML technology, ensuring a completely dynamic system, providing lower cost of ownership in the future


Hyfinity are very professional and they adopted a Nissan methodology, working as part of the team, rather than as suppliers. That's the real secret of success.

- Mike Wylie, Section Manager - Supply Chain Development [Nissan Europe]

Click here for more information on the Nissan Case Study (pdf)